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Non-Lender Work

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Marilyn Morgan described Mr. Migdale’s testimony in her judgment in favor of Mr. Migdale’s client. She wrote in her Memorandum Decision that “while (opposing appraiser) and Migdale were (both) qualified as experts on the valuation of residential real property, the court ascribed considerably greater weight to the testimony of Migdale. Migdale’s testimony was cogent, persuasive and supported by the evidence.”

If you’re looking for a well-documented Appraisal Report, which is reliable in estimating the fair market value of a property and need an Appraiser competent to testify effectively in court; Mr. Migdale is qualified as an expert in the Unites States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California to testify regarding the value of real estate in Monterey County, California. 

Mr. Migdale has extensive experience estimating current and retrospective fair market values. These types of valuations are critically important in estate planning, divorce proceedings, bankruptcy cases, partnership disputes, asset valuation, as well as corporate and LLC dissolutions.

Like most of our clients, Attorneys are concerned in obtaining high-quality appraisals on behalf of their clients. However, equally important for legal professionals, is the need of an Appraiser who can provide reliable expert testimony in a court of law. 

The skills needed as an expert witness are not common in the appraisal profession. However, Mr. Migdale’s has a proven track record of effectively testifying in court. His ability to clearly explain both his rationales, as well as technical concepts, is key to his success in advocating for the value opinions developed in his Appraisal Reports.