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The evaluation of large and small apartment buildings is a specialty of Monterey Cypress Appraisal. With thousands of hours of experience, Mr. Migdale has the qualifications, knowledge, and experience required to appraise these types of complex income properties. 

Reliable public information pertaining to capitalization rates and local multipliers is not readily available in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties. Therefore, it is imperative that an Appraiser develop this information through property inspections and detailed interviews with market participants.

Pat Matuszewski, a Broker Associate with Keller Williams Realty, Carmel wrote the following when describing her interaction with Mr. Migdale to a loan officer. "Greg asked all the right questions. It was the best and most thorough appraiser call I have ever received. I was very impressed with his commitment to doing the job right."

However, simply compiling accurate information is only the first step. Our company is rooted in the obligation to promote a high level of trust in the appraisal profession. Therefore, it is critically important that our clients can clearly understand the thought process behind our evaluations.  To this end, the application of the income, cost and market approaches are carefully analyzed and explained in our reports. Should questions arise, we are always happy to spend as much time as our clients require clarifying the information in our reports.